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Q: My car was hit by hail! What do I do now?

A: Call your insurance company and file a claim. If you are planning on using Dent Center for the repairs, tell your insurance company at this time. Give them our name and number. Then give us a call, sit back, relax, and we will take care of everything else!


Q: How long will a typical hail repair take?

A: A typical hail repair job with our company takes just two to three days.


Q: What do I do if I don't have rental car coverage on my insurance policy?

A: We offer reimbursement of rental car expense on full hail damage repairs.


Q: Why should I use paintless dent repair instead of conventional bondo and repainting?

A1: Paintless dent repair saves your factory finish.  No one can paint a car or match the paint on your car like the factory can. This also preserves your factory paint warranty. Anytime you can save the factory finish on your car, you are better off.

A2: Time. The typical conventional repair usually takes three weeks to one month to complete. Dent Center will typically have your car back to you in three days or less.


Q: What is paintless dent repair?

A: Paintless dent repair or PDR is a state of the art repair process that uses highly trained and highly skilled technicians to manipulate each dent one by one back to its original position. This process is done completely by hand using a variety of metal hand tools. Each dent can take between ten seconds and one hour to complete depending on its size and location. This technique requires no fillers or repainting, thus preserving your factory finish and paint warranty.


Q: Is all paintless dent repair the same?

A: No. While the process and methods are typically similar, the technicians are not. Paintless dent repair is an art, not a science, and is completely done by hand so the quality of the repair depends entirely on the experience level and talent of the technician that is actually doing the work. Dent Center technicians have extensive experience on all types of vehicles and damage ranging from light hail damage to extreme damage. We are so confident in our technicians that WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION OR YOUR REPAIR IS FREE!


Q: Can every type of panel on my car be repaired using the paintless dent repair process?

A: YES! Typically we can repair every panel - including aluminum panels, high strength steel panels, and double metal panels.


Q: Can my insurance company raise my rates if I file a hail damage claim?

A: No. Hail damage is considered an "act of God" and state laws prohibit an insurance company from raising an individual's rates because of a hail damage claim or other "act of God".

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